Southern University Law Center is planning to open an esports lab that will take the professional branding of gamers to the next level thanks to a new partnership! Get the full story from Jonah Gilmore at BR Proud below.

Esports is a trending entertainment industry combining multiple disciplines from law to computer science. The Southern University Law Center has established a partnership with Esport Supply to construct an esports lab where students can compete, build personal brands, and develop professionally.

“It’s an opportunity for students to see what’s going on behind the screen and not just in front of it,” said Chris Turner, Coordinator of Southern University Law Center’s Mixed Reality Virtual Innovation and E-Sports Institute.

Through a partnership with Esport Supply, a state-of-the-art facility will be placed on the bluff. According to Turner, the space will be used to help students develop intellectual property, work on trademarks and work on their own brands.

“They will be able to operate in a space outside of the campus walls,” said Turner.

The project will create a relationship with the industry and develop programming, allowing for a pipeline to success.

“So whether it be the legal aspect, intellectual property or whether it be trademarks associated. You will be able to develop the business of esport and gaming instead of ‘hey, I’m in front of the game all day,’” said Turner.

Once completed, a dedicated community gaming facility will hopefully benefit the Southern University System.

Turner, who is a gamer, said, “I look at gaming and esport now as one of the biggest forms of gaming. Everything you have in law and traditional sports, you’re going to have in esport.”

He said this is only the start of changing the culture and mindset of the community and beyond.

“Through the work at the law center, we can bring in industry, bring in resources and just build curriculum and certification to give our kids here in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas a chance to do something they never thought about,” said Turner.

Design planning and technology assessment are underway. A launch day is in the works and will be released soon.