A former worker in Delaware State University‘s catering department has branched off to not only start her own restaurant, but pay it forward to the students in her community! Get the full story from Logan B. Anderson at Bay To Bay News below.

Kushana Perry, right, cuts the ribbon at a ceremony celebrating her business, Kay’s Kitchen N’ Krafts, joining the Greater Milford Chamber of Commerce in December. At left, is her husband, Wayne Perry Jr. The couple’s business is looking to expand to a restaurant in Milford in 2022. (Credit: Bay To Bay News)

If your new year’s resolution is to give back to your community, be an active parent and to start or expand a business — then be like Kushana Perry.

Ms. Perry is a mother of three, the owner of Kay’s Kitchen N’ Krafts and runs her own nonprofit organization helping disadvantaged youth. In 2022 she is working to expand her business to a brick-and-mortar spot, hopefully, in downtown Milford.

Currently based out of her home in Frederica, Ms. Perry operates Kay’s Kitchen N’ Krafts with the help of her husband, Wayne Perry Jr. and her children. Her family-owned business provides catering services, regular lunch delivery specials and coordinates craft parties, among other things.

“I feel what I do is my purpose. I’m purpose-driven to follow and fulfill what’s in my heart. So, any idea I get is for a reason and most likely to help or be beneficial to someone. Therefore, I have to put it into action,” Ms. Perry said.

In 2018, Ms. Perry worked in the food service department of Delaware State University. There she was part of the university’s many catered events. 
While at DSU, she received a lot of compliments on her cooking.

“When I was at DSU, I catered the dinners or lunches and things and people would say to me, ‘You need to turn this into business.’ And I was like, ‘You know what, thank you.’ So, I left DSU and pursued my own business,” Ms. Perry said.

Now almost four years later, she is looking for a space to set up a restaurant. 
“We have blown up so much the last couple of months, to where we can’t even take all the orders,” Ms. Perry said.

She recently joined the Greater Milford Chamber of Commerce to aid in her search for a place to expand. While looking for a new location, she is also working on building a new website. Currently, she connects with her customers through social media, Facebook and Instagram. She also keeps a text list on her phone.

Weekly she sends out a menu of lunch specials, via her social media and text list. Every day is different. Past lunch menus have featured teriyaki chicken and salmon. Kay’s Kitchen N’ Crafts delivers their specials. The lunches usually cost between $5 and $14 and always include a drink. The $14 meals usually include an appetizer and or dessert.

“We deliver all over … we get people from Seaford and they might meet us in Greenwood, or something. People like the delivery service because we’re bringing it to you,” Ms. Perry said.

Last November, Kay’s Kitchen N’ Krafts was featured in the Greater Milford Chamber of Commerce’s Tastes of Milford event at the Milford Elks Lodge.

“I pride myself on doing things you can’t get out of the store. Like our desserts, sweet potato bread or flavored pretzel salads, peach cobbler, cakes that you can’t get at the store,” Ms. Perry said.

Ms. Perry’s nonprofit organization is called the HAPPY Project — Heartfelt Actions Preparing Positive Youth.

“We go around to different neighborhoods and do things for the youth there,” Ms Perry said.

During winter and summer breaks from school, the HAPPY Project made and distributed special care packages for kids.

“We call them joy packs. They’ll have bubbles, chips, cookies, something fun for the kids. I just wanted to bring joy to kids, especially during COVID,” Ms. Perry said. 

To be able to do all that she does, Ms. Perry said she relies on her family, “I have a great support system.”

“I’m the type that supports anything she wants to do. She’s my better half. We just gel so great. So, anything she needs from me, I am there with her whatever she wants to do 110%,” Mr. Perry said.

For more information about Kay’s Kitchen N’ Krafts find them on Facebook or call 302-393-3347.