A Virginia HBCU is going above and beyond to aid causes of social justice and housing security. It was recently announced that Hampton University will be donating its resources to help those displaced by the ongoing Russian takeover in Ukraine. Rather than just fundraise, or stand idly by as stranded Ukrainians are losing their homes, the university will become a hub of refuge. The invitation has also remarkably been extended to international students studying in Ukraine before the takeover as well. Get the full story in the Hampton University Office of University Relations release below.

In a humanitarian effort to help those college students and families affected by the current conflict in Ukraine, Hampton University President Dr. William R. Harvey has announced that it will invite 50-100 Ukrainian and international college students presently studying in Ukraine to continue their education on HU’s campus this summer. 

“The collective Hampton University faculty, staff and students are heart-broken because the war-torn country of Ukraine must deal with atrocities like the bombing of maternity wards, hospitals and other civilian areas,” said Hampton University President, Dr. William R. Harvey. “I think this partnership is something that can be beneficial to a great number of students and families.  My entire career has been focused on helping people to achieve and meet their goals.” 

Ukrainian and international college students affected by the combat will be able to attend classes at Hampton for the 2022 Summer Session, receive room, board and tuition for the summer, and have the option to stay at Hampton at the regular tuition and fees rates once the Summer Session is over. 

In 2019, Dr. Harvey reached out to Dr. Rodney Smith, the President of the University of the Bahamas, the former Vice President for Administrative Services at Hampton University, and offered a similar agreement to students from the University of the Bahamas who had their north campus obliterated because of Hurricane Dorian. 

For more information, please contact Dr. Charitta D. Quimby, Vice President and Presidential Chief of Staff at 757-727-5231.