Jackson State University senior Kamilah Fipps has been missing for a week, but there are signs that she may be in Virginia. Get the full story from Tannock Blair and Autumn Childress at WRIC below.

Credit: WAPT

A family is desperate for answers after a 21-year-old Jackson State University student went missing last Tuesday.

Kamilah Fipps, a senior at JSU, left her campus in Mississippi a week ago, but evidence shows she could be in the Richmond area.

“She has never done this before…this is not her character,” said Vicky Fipps, Kamilah’s mother. “I’m scared. I just want my baby back home.”

Fipps’ bank account shows she purchased a one-way Greyhound bus ticket out of Mississippi on Thursday. After the stop in Richmond — the bus continued to New York. However, Kamilah paid $239.99 — the exact amount to get from Mississippi to Richmond.

The bank account also revealed a purchase from Gelati Celesti on Arthur Ashe Boulevard near the bus station.

Credit: Gelati Celesti

Surveillance pictures from the ice cream shop show Fipps making her purchase at 7:33 p.m.

Another purchase was made at the CVS on Broad Street a few blocks over, but her mother says there have been no other transactions since then.

“We’ve been monitoring her card activity and there has been no activity since this purchase at CVS,” she said. “And she still has money in her account.”

The family also reached out to T-mobile who found Fipps’ last pinged location was in Richmond on Friday. Her phone now goes directly to voicemail, leaving mounting questions for the family.

“This is what’s scaring me so much. I don’t want to think the worst. I don’t know if she was lured here,” her mother said. “You hear people saying she’s an adult, she’s 21, but to me, she’s my baby. I want all the help I can get to find her.”

The family says that they have no known connections to Virginia.

Richmond Police confirmed that they are working with the Jackson State University Police Department for any information the whereabouts of Fipps.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigations has also issued a “silver alert,” indicating that a medical condition could be impairing her judgment.

“It’s killing me and I always tell her if anything ever happened to you I would be devastated,” Fipps’ mother said. “I just want her home that’s it.”

Kamilah Phipps is around 5-foot 5-inches tall, weighing around 130 pounds. She wears glasses and has dreadlocks with red tips.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Richmond Crime Stoppers at 804-780-1000.