History is being made on the campus of South Carolina State University! Learn more in the story from News 19 below.

Photo Credit: WACH

45 high schools from across the Carolinas are taking part in this year’s STEM Academy at South Carolina State University.

There were about 45 high schools from both North and South Carolina took part in the JROTC program at South Carolina State University that is funded by the U.S. Army. 

“This is the first time that we’ve ever conducted a JROTC Stem Camp in the state of South Carolina,” said James Davis.

The students arrived to campus on Sunday. Davis is a commandant for the junior ROTC STEM camp at South Carolina State University.

They learned about mechanical engineering, chemistry, nuclear/physics, cybersecurity, and computer science. They are also being given drone training. The cadets will also go on field trips to The Citadel and North Charleston Sewer District.

“This is very important that we introduce our students to these different programs so that they can learn about all these different options to them after they graduate,” said Davis.

Cadet Lucas East says his aspirations of studying mechatronics is what drew him to participating in the program. He was one of 267 cadets who attended the program and has an interest in learning how to build and wire things. 

“I believe that mechatronics will allow me to see the best of both of those worlds and it’ll allow me to have fun no matter what I do. It’ll also allow me to pursue multiple career fields whether in mechanical engineering or electric engineering,” said East.

Each STEM group is given the challenge of presenting a final project to their peers.

“All of our students here are having a spectacular time learning from learning from each other, from the instructors, and the university has been very supportive and we look forward to continuing to do this over the years,” said Davis.

This year’s STEM academy ends Friday.