Tuskegee University football coach Reginald Ruffin is opening up about the fallout of his take on Alabama coach Nick Saban. Learn more in the BET story by Paul Mearra below.

(Photo Credit: Tuskegee University)

Reginald Ruffin, Tuskegee University’s football coach and athletic director, says he’s received death threats after he suggested that Alabama should schedule more games against HBCU programs.

“To see those comments over what was misconstrued from my post—my post was not to suggest to coach [Nick Saban], to tell coach or demand coach or tell him what to do,” Ruffin told HBCU Sports’s Kendrick Marshall. “My post was something that someone asked me what I thought of the situation.”

Ruffin said he first got the threats Wednesday (May 25).

Recently, Saban has been the center of controversy after he accused HBCU Jackson State and Texas A&M of potentially using NIL opportunities to land top recruits.

Additionally, Ruffin’s post suggested Alabama rotate games between HBCUs in Alabama, which he believes will be good for both sides. He also added he wants more HBCUs to have more exposure against the top talent in college football, especially when they share the same state.

“I’m just serious about HBCUs having the opportunity to play schools in the state for the revenue and the tourism and just keeping money in the state,” he said. “I just pointed out that Alabama has not played an HBCU nor have they played North Alabama or those other [FCS] schools.”

Ruffin says critics took his comments the wrong way, however he noted that he isn’t surprised by the mostly Alabama fans who attacked him over his opinion.

“I’m going to put it out there if it needs to be said. The same people that have given me hell are the same people who won’t buy a $20 ticket to an HBCU game but will buy a $300 ticket to an Alabama or Auburn game. That’s what you’re dealing with. I’m not going to change who I am.”