Several Paul Quinn College freshmen received some unlikely help as they moved into their dorms! Learn more in the story by Vince Sims at NBC DFW.

Paul Quinn College freshmen were provided dorm essentials like bedding, laundry supplies and household necessities

Students started moving in on the campus of Paul Quinn College in Dallas. 13 of those students are getting a helping hand furnishing their dorm room thanks to a group called Move-In Day Mafia.

The organization consists of a group of volunteers who assist Historically Black College and University, also known as HBCU, freshmen transfer into their new dorm rooms. This assistance includes providing room essentials like bedding, laundry supplies and other household necessities.

Freshman Joanna Nicolas appreciates the donation and assistance from Move-In Day Mafia.

“It’s really a good opportunity that they give to the families to provide for them because we don’t always know what families are going through,” Paul Quinn College freshman Joanna Nicolas said.

The students chosen by the organization all face financial hardships.

“In a way, it’s like a weight taken off of you to know you don’t have to worry about certain things when you already have to worry about school,” Nicolas said, adding that the supplies are a big help.

Tee J. Mercer is the founder of Move-In Day Mafia. Through volunteers and donations, the group is able to supply bedding, refrigerators, and other essentials.

“I need them to focus on just being a student and going to college,” she said. “I don’t want them worrying about where is the deodorant coming from. Where is the soap coming from?”

Mercer said removing this small burden will hopefully free their minds to focus on grades.

“You can just think and thrive and that’s why it’s important because I need them to just focus on what the rest of their lives are,” Mercer said.

These students will also get monthly care packages and will be supported through their college journey.

“For those that have come out of situations where the family wasn’t supportive or they don’t even know their family I need them to know from this point on you’ve got a family,” Mercer said.

“I feel very blessed for the opportunity to have this,” Nicolas said.

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