The summer before starting college can seem fun at first, hanging out with all your high school friends before you all go your separate ways, and getting ready to embark on a new journey at your new school. But after a while, it feels like you’re just counting the days until you can get out of your mother’s house and your small town and finally be on your own. We know the feeling and so does every other college student right about now. The good news is that move-in day is in full effect on college campuses across the nation right now. Also check out the Five Ways To Survive Your Freshman Year.

That’s right, after a long summer of anticipation, college students are finally gearing up to head to campus. We know you’re ready to turn up and be outside but before you take on welcome week and all the back-to-school parties you first have to get through move-in day. Let’s be honest, whether you’re a first-time freshman or a returning student, move day is always hectic. From broken down elevators to moving carts with missing wheels, to having to unpack your entire life for the next semester, it can be a stressful day. While that’s kind of unavoidable at least make sure you’re packing the essentials. Here are five must-haves for college move-in day.

2. Rolling Laundry Basket

Doing laundry in college is an all-day thing. Setting timers on your phone, going back and forth from your room to the laundry room, trying to make sure no one takes your clothes out of the machine – it’s a lot. At least make the journey smoother by getting yourself a rolling laundry basket. Whether your dorm’s laundry room is down the hall or in the basement, dragging around a heavy laundry bag is not fun, so go for a rolling laundry basket instead. It may take up some space in your room but it’s totally worth it.