The most wonderful time of the year for HBCU students and alumni is here. That’s right, it’s officially homecoming season! Anyone who has experienced an HBCU homecoming knows that it is truly an event unlike any other. It’s a time when students and alumni come together to celebrate their love for their university through a week of exciting events.

HBCU homecoming is a special time-honored tradition that can only be compared to a Black family reunion but on a much wider scale. Everything about homecoming is a whole experience. The tailgating, the pep rally, the parade, the big game, the band, the parties, it can be a lot. There are so many moving parts that go into an HBCU homecoming, sometimes it can be hard to keep up. Whether you’re a homecoming veteran or a newcomer, there are a few survival tips that every HBCU homecoming-goer outta know. Here are five tips for surviving an HBCU homecoming.

1Plan Ahead

We’ve already established that homecoming is a big deal and there’s a lot that goes into it so plan ahead. Don’t wait till the last minute to get book your hotel because you’ll most likely be out of luck. Buy your tickets early for any event or party you’re planning on going to and find your moves beforehand. 

Part of planning ahead is getting your outfits together early too. There’s nothing worse than filling your SHEIN or Fashion Nova cart with all your homecoming fits just to see that it’s not gonna get there in time. You’ve had all year to plan for this, order those clothes book that hair appointment EARLY.