There are so many things in college that feel like a whole new world, this includes dating. If you’re anything like me you might have grown up watching movies like Drumline, Love & Basketball, and Stomp the Yard and dreamed of having your own HBCU love story. Under no supervision of your parents, you get to play house with your boo in your dorm, have sleepovers on that tiny twin XL mattress, and take late-night walks around campus just talking about life. I mean it all sounds so romantic, doesn’t it? But truth be told, college dating is a little more glamorous in movies than it is in real life. 

Luckily this article can serve as a guide for the various ups and downs of dating in college. We asked several HBCU alumni for advice and this is what they have to say. Here are ten gems from HBCU Alumni on College Dating!


1. Put Your School Work First

There are so many things to balance in college, social life, organizations, and of course relationships. While it can be easy to get swept away in the excitement of a new romance, securing your degree comes first. Don’t let a potential partner distract you from your goals and education, that’s why you’re in college.

Balancing relationships and schoolwork can be tricky but pay attention to whether your partner is encouraging you to go to class or telling you to skip it. It’s important to find someone who pushes you to be your best self and shares the same values as you. Don’t let someone you can’t grow with drag you down.