President Joe Biden visited Bowie State University on Monday for a Democratic rally to deliver a final message to Maryland voters to choose Wes Moore for governor.

This comes after Biden’s recent appearance at another HBCU, Delaware State University in late October. There, he promoted his student debt relief plan and urged students to vote in the midterm elections.

This time, Biden was accompanied by Maryland governor nominee Wes Moore, first lady Jill Biden, and Senator Chirs Van Hollen.

BOWIE, MD – NOVEMBER 07: Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wes Moore (L) raises arms with President Joe Biden, first lady Jill Biden and U.S. Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) during a campaign rally at Bowie State University on November 7, 2022 in Bowie, Maryland. Moore faces Republican state Rep. Dan Cox in tomorrow’s general election.  (Photo by Nathan Howard/Getty Images)

Biden began his speech by commenting on his commitment to HBCUs, remarking on the $5.8 billion he put in the budget for HBCUs.

“Do you know why?  HBCUs don’t have the endowments others have, but guess what?  You’re just as smart.  You’re just as bright.  You’re just as good as any college in America. And that money — that money is to build laboratories and other things for the future that you need to have access to,” Biden said.

The president stated that “one of the great ways to honor HBCUs is to vote.”

Before a crowd of about 1,700, Biden urged the public to vote for Wes Moore for Maryland governor, stating that “Wes knows what patriotism means,” highlighting the combat veteran’s record as an Army captain who served in Afghanistan. 

Students at Bowie State University filled the stands at an Election Eve rally featuring President Joe Biden (D). Photo by Danielle E. Gaines.

Biden also criticized Moore’s Republican opponent, Del. Dan Cox, calling him an “election denier,” and unpatriotic for not speaking out against the Jan. 6 insurrection on the U.S. Capitol. “You can’t only love your country when you win,” Biden said.

Moore delivered similar remarks before the president took the stage as he vowed not to allow Maryland “to become a state where deciding to honor the results [of an election] depends on what the results are.”

First Lady Jill Biden, who works as a college professor at Northern Virginia Community College, introduced Moore. “I always feel most at home on a college campus,” she said.

She encouraged everyone to get out and vote. “This election is too important to sit out,” she said. “I am asking you to put voting on your top of the to-do list.”

The president spoke highly of Moore calling him the “real deal” before the potential voters.

“Wes is a leader who will build Maryland and leave no one behind and I believe that,” President Biden said.

Moore said a few items serve as reminders of what his administration would preserve: a woman’s right to choose, implementation of free prekindergarten, and honor of election results.

“In these uncertain times, I promise you this one thing: Maryland will lead,” Moore said. “This is our time, Maryland. This is our time.”

Midterm elections begin Tuesday, November 8.