During Paine College’s convocation on Wednesday, President Dr. Cheryl Evans Jones announced a new partnership with Botanical Sciences.

According to WJBF, Botanical Sciences is a leading institution in Georgia for cannabis research focused on improving the lives of Georgians with debilitating medical conditions. 

Jones said that the new partnership is a part of a five-point growth plan for Paine College, that includes an emphasis on increasing enrollment, additional scholarships, faculty development, improving student housing…and the expansion of new partnerships.

“A collaborative partnership was approved by the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission between Botanical Sciences and Paine College,” Dr. Jones said in her address.

Botanical Sciences is located in Glenville, Georgia and has recently received one of the large Grow licenses in the state.

Gary Long, CEO of Botanical Sciences told WJBF that the partnership will benefit both parties.

“We’re going to have needs as a growing business in the state of Georgia,” said Long. “They have a great student population that has a lot of the needs that we’re going to have as a business- they’re going to have students who can fulfill those needs. So, I think it’s going to be a great partnership.”