May Is Mental Health Awareness Month!

College is a transformative time in a person’s life—a time of new experiences, people, and a new environment. With so many changes happening all at once it may be hard to cope and may cause feelings of stress, anxiety, or depression. If you’re feeling like this, you’re not alone. This Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re highlighting ways to cope with these feelings. Here are 5 Mental Health Tips for College Students!

3Set Goals

Setting goals is so important for college students as it helps them clearly identify what they want in life and the steps needed to get there. Having goals allows you to hold yourself accountable and take control of your life, and can even help you gain a sense of self-confidence as you successfully achieve those goals. Your goals can be anything from waking up earlier, maintaining a certain GPA, or getting more involved on campus. It’s important to note that not all goals don’t have to be academic-related—you can also set fun goals like visiting places in your college town, attending social and sports events, and making memories with friends. Just remember to be diligent in approaching your goals but give yourself grace as well.