The Home Depot’s soaring, HBCU-centered initiative has turned 15! The Retool Your School program has returned in 2024 – recommitting their efforts to helping HBCU students and their communities thrive.

In 2009, The Home Depot launched the Retool Your School Campus Improvement Grant Program. Since then, Retool Your School has awarded 227 grants worth more than $9.25 million to America’s HBCUs. These grants have helped HBCUs make crucial campus improvements.

The first portion of the 2023 Retool Your School Program was an astounding success! Students, alumni, staff, faculty and other supporters of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) cast over 13 million votes for their favorite schools during the Campus Improvement Grant voting challenge. Thirty HBCUs won grants that will be used to beautify their campuses.

Additionally, 10 HBCUs received awards from the new Innovation Lounge Program. Four lucky schools won both Campus Improvement Grants and Innovation Lounge Grants for a total of 36 winners. 

On April 11, The Home Depot hosted an Awards Celebration in Atlanta, Georgia to announce the winners of both Programs. The mayor, celebrities, alumni, school representatives and other supporters came together to salute the victors and show their support for HBCUs.

In 2023, Retool Your School awarded more than $2 million to 36 deserving HBCUs, showcasing a steadfast commitment to advancing HBCUs and their communities. Retool Your School also expanded its impact through four new programs.

Moving Forward In 2024

This year, Retool Your School is celebrating 15 years of empowering and upgrading HBCU campuses by recommitting efforts to its original mission. This year’s program will present an opportunity for HBCUs to apply for three grants: Campus Improvement Grant, Innovation Lounge Grant, and Community Project Grant.

The Innovation Lounge Grant will support the development of a dedicated space on campus for students to come together to ideate and collaborate. The Community Project Grant will allow HBCUs to continue building up their surrounding communities by partnering with local non-profits on a project focused on giving back. 

These initiatives will help students to directly benefit from Retool Your School initiatives even if their HBCU does not apply for the Campus Improvement Grant. 

Apply Now!

The 2024 Home Depot Retool Your School Program is designed by The Home Depot to encourage and recognize improvement projects contributing to the campuses and communities of accredited Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

To apply for Campus Improvement Grant and Innovation Lounge Grant opportunities, a school administrator must register their HBCU and fill out an application. Any questions regarding the application should be directed to

Applications must be submitted by Friday, February 23, 2024.

For more information regarding the application, please visit Retool Your School’s rules page. For information about individual student scholarships and career development opportunities, click here.