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I deeply care for Black children that come from impoverished environments. As a young black male I have always rationalized with my trials and tribulations because I knew everything I have endured was the aftermath of 400 years of slavery. I didn’t allow the pain to overcome me, but many of my peers have. I saw the psychological effect on people my age, who dad's or mom's wasn't in their life. Me personally, I witnessed what happens when an environment has nothing to offer, so the best option is to indulge into negative activity. It’s so much misguidance, lack of love, hatred in the black communities. I always have been a people’s person; consistently a person that comfortably allowed others to open up to me, young and old, and I continuously see the good in people that most can’t find in themselves. For one, I inherit leadership qualities, great ideas, very observant, eager to learn, and determined to fulfill anything I put my mind to 200 percent. Those skills have got me through 21 years of life.”