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TVGuide: Hey Hollywood, There Are Other Black Colleges Besides Howard University

After Jordan Peele dropped the trailer for his new film Us on Christmas, some of the giddiest reactions were not a result of the movie itself, but the sight...

Episode 5 of President’s Corner Features Suzanne Elise Walsh Of Bennett College

Bennett College President Suzanne Elise Walsh is the latest HBCU leader to be interviewed in our President’s Corner series! As an interviewer, HBCU Buzz...

LA Beautician Offers Free Makeovers To Homeless Women | Taper Cypher

When Shirley Raines first began working with the homeless, it was through a charity that provided Los Angeles’ Skid Row with food. She then...

Wilberforce University Alumna Edmonia Lewis Loved Her Freedom So Much She Emancipated Herself —...

Today, we honor Wilberforce University alumna and sculptor Edmonia Lewis (1844-1907). She played a vital role sending messages to those who need it most. “Edmonia...

When Entrepreneurial Success Catches You By Surprise – What’s Next?

It was just four years ago that I started my social media management business on a whim. I had no idea if it would work, but...

Mobile Tech’s Contributions To The Entertainment Industry

Just a couple of short decades ago, getting started as a creative in the entertainment world was a prohibitively expensive pursuit. Today, with the...

Recovery Still In Effect For Fathers Of Trayvon Martin And Ron Davis

On October 11 at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, The Campaign for for Black Male Achievement and the Perception Institute presented its third...

How To Build Your Own HBCU Brand From Scratch

In today's society HBCU students cannot allow others to Brand them or label them. There are billions of people on the planet, each person...

Football in College: How to Get Maximum of It

When we say a maximum, we mean quite specific things. And no, this is not a ticket directly to the National Football League, although...

Earning CompTIA Network+ Certification – An Achievement That Will Change Your Life

The stakes are extremely high in the modern world. Data networks are more vital for businesses today than ever before. Precisely, they have become...

What Role Will You Play? Wilberforce University Call-To-Action

The Renaissance of Racism America’s First Private Historically Black College & University - Wilberforce University Call-To-Action & Reflection on the President's Open Letter to the HBCU Community

Albany State And Columbus Technical College Announce Partnership

Albany State University (ASU) and Columbus Technical College (CTC) announced the establishment of a cooperative relationship on July 16. The agreement formally recognizes that...

FAMU Celebrates Black History Month By Burying Time Capsule Scheduled For 2040 Opening

Two groups at Florida A&M University have come together to celebrate Black History Month in a very unique way. With the burial of a...
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Why People Of A Diversity Should Experience Attending Auto Races With Their Families

William Jackson and Aida Correa are attending multiple community events sponsored by Ford Motor Company and the Southern Ford Dealers across Florida.

9 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Protect Their Business During A Recession

Though an imminent recession for America is not written in stone, there are red flags an economic downturn may come in the near future....

Support Reauthorization of the HBCU Historic Preservation Program

When we learn from our history—the stories and people and places that make up our collective past—we absorb the lessons taught to us over...

What It Means To Study Food At Historically Black Colleges

By Dr. Ashanté Reese, Spelman Professor //I stare at a photo of seven women. They are presumably Spelman College students, tilling the soil of the...

Michael Coard: Why Blacks Should Attend HBCUs

This weekend marks the 130th birthday of George W. McLaurin, born September 16, 1887. He’s the Black man who made history when he won...