DAYTONA BEACH, Fla  (Sept. 7) – THe FAMU Rattlers took home first place in the 2nd Annual B-CU Beach Invitational today on a weather-influenced course along Daytona Beach. Adverse conditions could not deter the Rattlers as they finished with 24 points to win the meet.

Shuaib Winters, took the tape in 17:27.  The other members of the team took third, fourth, sixth and tenth, to combine for a team win.

Coach Wayne Angel’s quotes: I thought they did quite well under the conditions. We trained in sand, so it was tough, but natural to the kids.  They ran tough, and I was very proud of that.  Shuaib, just continues to win. I felt very good with how they performed today.  They communicated well and motivated each other.  We pretty much did what we came to do.

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