Dr. David Chamblee has been appointed by Paine College president Dr. George C. Bradley, as the Dean of the School of Professional Studies.

Chamblee will be responsible for leading the coordination and supervision of the following areas within the School of Professional Studies: Department of Education, Department of Education, and the Department of Business.

Chamblee is skilled in management and engineering. He previously served as Quality Engineering Manager at Tyco Electronics Corporation, managing the relocation of several product lines to China, which resulted in a multi-million cost savings.  Prior to working for Tyco Electronics, Chamblee was employed as a manufacturing process engineer at Marconi Communications. He has also served as an adjunct professor and the Vice President of the Applied Engineering Technology Department Advisory Board for the School of Technology at North Carolina A & T State University.

“My vision for the School of Professional Studies is to provide an extraordinary service to all students utilizing the engage, inspire and transform model,” he said.

Chamblee holds a Bachelor of Science degree from North Carolina A & T State University, a Master of Science degree from Bowling Green State University and a doctorate in Leadership Studies from North Carolina A & T State University.

The Paine College Community warmly welcomes and congratulates Chamblee on his new position.