On Tuesday, Jan. 26 Ebony’s Editor-in-chief Mitzi Miller delivered an address to Claflin University’s 2015 Graduates. Miller spoke to the graduating class about what it takes to be a leader, “Believe in your own self worth, be willing to put in the work necessary to be great; listen to your gut and take calculated risks,” she said.

Miller added, “True Leaders are committed to leaving a legacy of a life well lived, and are willing to train and pass the torch to the next person.”

“Know your self-worth. Believe in yourself.” – Mitzi Miller

The media professional also spoke about her own life and her rise to her respected position.

Miller said her life came into perspective after she underwent a liver transplant for Hepatitis C. Mitzi recalled seeing the Editor-in-chief of Honey at the time and telling her to remember her face because she would one day see it again.

Miller says she started as an intern at Honey Magazine and later worked her way up the media ladder to become an entertainment editor at the magazine. Later she obtained the position as associate editor at Jane magazine and then on to SET magazine as Editor-in-chief.

Miller then went on to lead Jet magazine before she took her current seat  at the head of the table at Ebony.

“The first step to being considered a visionary leader is to realize in your heart of hearts that you are a rock star,” Miller said.

Miller is also an HBCU alumna, she graduated with an English major from historically black Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida.