On Thursday, sports analyst and also an HBCU alum Bomani Jones flipped the script and went on air wearing a t-shirt that had the word “Caucasians” printed across the chest while guest hosting ESPN’s Mike & Mike show, News One reported.

Reports say “ESPN freaked out” and asked the Clark Atlanta University graduate to cover his t-shit. “As the show progressed, we felt Bomani made his point and had openly discussed why he was wearing the shirt, and we wanted to keep the focus to the topics of the day,” the network told The Huffington Post. Later, Jones sort of cooperated and his hooded was partially zipped, still showing part of the image mocking the Cleveland Indians logo, according to TMZ.

Some people say Jones was trying to make a statement by wearing the t-shirt. In response, Jones says he thought “it was clean,” and says if you have a problem with his t-shirt then you should also have a problem with the Cleveland Indians logo—and several other sports logos (Washington Redskins, Florida State Seminoles, Atlanta Braves) which many people find offensive.

“The statement is obvious, like, this is the same thing that goes on with the logo for the Cleveland Indians,” Jones explained. “…if you’re quiet about the Indians and now you got something to say about my shirt, I think it’s time for introspection. I think that’s a fair thing to ask.”

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, team owner Paul Dolan emphasized that there’s “no plans” to change the logo anytime soon. Buzz killer.

Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Indians