It’s not every college newspaper staff hopes to create a project on the 21st-century black man. But Morehouse College’s student newspaper, The Maroon Tiger, and staff had every intention of using their platform to create a new voice to the conversation on today’s black men and boys around the world.

The Maroon Tiger just released their Black Male magazine, newspaper & website.

A Morehouse student who participated in this project told HBCU Buzz that “This includes an array of content covering the overall spectrum of black male existence and features voices that often fall on deaf ears.”

The Maroon Tiger’s third installation of Blk Boys is now available, you can view it here.

“Black men have many faces and voices,” according to a tweet shared on the official The Maroon Tiger Twitter account. “Here are a dozen more.”

The Maroon Tiger serves a broad community of students and scholars by maintaining a commitment to ethical leadership and promoting a global focus.