Record Number Of International Students From 21 Countries Enroll At CAU

ATLANTA – Students returning to Clark Atlanta University for the Spring ’17 semester will find one of the most diverse HBCUs in the nation. That’s because nearly 400 international students from 21 countries, the most ever, are pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees at CAU, and that number is expected to grow by the close of spring registration.

87 percent of all international students enrolled at CAU are from Saudi Arabia. Others hail from countries like Nigeria, Yemen, China and India, to name a few. As word continues to spread about the second-to-none educational opportunities at CAU, the number of international student applications is spiking.

“Besides the strategic efforts of the University to enroll a diverse student population, international students have indicated they value their experiences at CAU,” said Gwen Wade, director of International Programs here. The numbers seem to prove her right.  During Fall ’14, CAU enrolled only 167 international students. Within two years that number had more than doubled. The surge in the number of international students is being met by a boost in University resources to accommodate their needs.

“I feel at home,” said Yakuba Adderly, a junior business major from The Bahamas. “I feel a sense of belonging. I feel more welcome here than at other colleges,” Adderly finished.

Wade said the growing presence of international students is a win for the entire CAU community. “International students provide enriching opportunities for the CAU community to broaden individual perspectives and enhance learning experiences on cultures, languages, religions and customs, which might be new or different,” Wade explained. “I have always valued interactions with international students and visitors. I sincerely believe students who have the ability to interact with people of different ethnicities and worldviews enhance their understanding of the global community we share,” Wade said.