The black college caused controversy after agreeing to perform during President-elect Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day parade.

And now Talladega College President Dr. Bill Hawkins has defended his decision to let his school’s marching band go and participate in the inaugural parade.

“I did not view this as a political event …,” Dr. Hawkins told News One in an interview. “I view it as a civic ceremony and an opportunity for our students to observe the process of the transition of power.”

He added:

“Many of our students––almost all of them––have never had the opportunity to travel to our nation’s capital.”

“We’re not doing this for political reasons,” Dr. Hawkins said.

However, the Black college still lacks the funds needed to make the trip.

Conservative commentator and entrepreneur Armstrong Williams has made the school an offer to pay the $60,000 the Talladega Marching Tornadoes need to make the journey to Pennsylvania Avenue.

According to News One, Dr. Hawkins said he and the Talladega school board are considering Willams’ offer and are expecting more donations to their GoFundMe page.