Colleges are swamped with pretty girls about their business. Adrian Caprice Collins is one of those ladies on the campus of Tennessee State University. The Memphis, Tennessee native is a senior Business Administration major with a focus on supply chain management. An adorer of bike jackets and sneakers, Collins describes her overall style as edgy, chic, timeless, and fun!

To add edge to her style she puts on sneakers and when dressing up, she targets a clean and sophisticated look. “I like how she can take pieces from a thrift store and transform it into something you would think she bought from a high priced store,” stated her best friend Robyn Kohlheim. Many look to fashion icons for inspiration but Collins looks to her mom and dad. With her mom’s classy & elegant look and her dad’s thrifting ways, she is influenced to make her own fashion statements.

“Fashion is more than magazine spreads and beautiful models…”

Adrian Caprice Collins

Many fashion arrangements come together because of Collin’s love for thrifting and ability to play around with color and prints. “She makes simple pieces come to life,” stated her very special man friend Davonte Heard. After becoming a member of the Chi Psi chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity Inc. Collins learned more about the business side of fashion. “Fashion is more than magazine spreads and beautiful models, but it is a business and there are many ways you can be a fashion influence while earning a living,” Collins said.

Having the fantasy of owning her own fashion line or store front, Collins makes it a priority to always stay in the know of all aspects of fashion. Her fashion blog, Prim and Pumps at showcases various ways of interior decorating, and how to use fashion pieces in more than one way. With her blog celebrating its first birthday just a few days ago Collins is showing no signs of slowing down but intensifying.

Her YouTube channel actually displays what to look for when thrifting and how to thrift. “I love her determination especially with her blog. She makes sure she keeps up with it and continues to make content for her readers,” stated her line brother of Alpha Kappa Psi and close friend, Starr-Ambrosia Muslim.

Her DIY series gets plenty of attention with thousands of readers and watchers on her blogs and videos were she showcases how to Do It Yourself with several projects.

Collins really feels a certain type of way when people try to dictate what fashion is and it’s explained in her simple Do’s and Don’ts:


  1. Wear what you want to wear! Fashion has no rules. Embrace your own sense of style.
  2. Always try to look your best no matter how you feel. When you look good it makes you feel better.
  3. Invest your money in quality pieces that will never go out of style.


  1. Always wear what is trendy. Investing money in trendy pieces can be a waste of money in the end.
  2. Wear things that make you feel uncomfortable. Always try to look and feel confident in everything you wear.

You can keep up with Collins on Instagram at her personal page @Adrian.Caprice blog page @PrimAndPumps and her YouTube channel  itsAdrianCaprice