Ever felt the need to have a black how-to guide at your finger tips ? Well look no further, a mobile app that allows the masses to be informed on the black culture is free to download on Apple iOS and Android devices. Morgan State University student Ahadi Ture has developed an app that allows African Americans to have access to useful information.

“Growing up in an Afrocentric household I was always asked “What will be my legacy within the Black Community? So starting freshmen year, I started thinking about how can I educated my people on a platform that they would have easy access too. So I started thinking about crazy ideas like writing a book (which I did), starting a pro-black organization, joining the NAACP and many more. After talking to friends and doing extensive research for about 3 years, I decided that creating this app would be the best possible way to reach black communities all over the world” Ture says.

When asked about the impact of the app, Ture shares, “The first thing that I want people to know is that I created this platform not just for the now but for the future. I created this for future generations to have the tools to survive in America and around the world. I always hear the saying “Black people are like crabs in a barrel” but do you realize the barrel is not the crabs natural habitat? We have been taken away from our native land, forced to work for low wages and forced to lose sight on who we really are as people.”

The “4 the Culture” app was developed for every generation.

“The app is geared towards the black community as a whole. I didn’t think of a certain age but more so how each generation can use the simple features on the app. We have African decedents all over the world, not just one part so I wanted my app to be accessible for anyone” Ture stated.

Becominga socially conscious individual is one of the goals of the app.

“The 4 The Culture team is very excited to provide a platform where you can begin your very own road to becoming more consciously aware. Being able to access this much information in one place can be a lot in the beginning, but with great patience you will create that true self in no time.”

When asked about the development of future apps, Ture stated that he plans to see how far this app will go before producing more helpful applications. The “4 The Culture” app will be available on the Apple store and the Google Play store.

Subscribers will have a host of content available at their finger tips such as: mental health tips, knowledge of rights, economic history, historic documents/videos, recommended books and black fashion.

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