FAMU’s football team is 6-0 in their conference, and 8-1 overall, but the FAMU Freshman of 1999 are the real winners.

This year’s homecoming season yielded significant wins on and off the field as the FAMU incoming freshman class of 1999 (FAMU Fall 1999) celebrated its 20-year college reunion by raising more than $196,913 for the University.

Did you know that this year alone, the FAMU has raised more than $11 million dollars from corporate and alumni giving—the incoming freshman class of 1999 was an anchor in this collective effort.

Above and beyond the ambitious financial goals of the campaign, FAMU Fall 1999 launched an aggressive digital campaign by developing graphics, multimedia videos, social media campaigns, and a website.

More than 300 alumni who entered FAMU in 1999 descended upon the “hills” of Tallahassee to commemorate their historical legacy gift and enduring admiration for the school. Congratulations on reaching the goal!