Tom recently wrote a piece for that depicts Black Panther Chadwick Boseman as unhappy with his leading role. It’s likely that he will be phased out of the role to that of a woman Black Panther, which is why the Howard University graduate is not happy.

“Hearing that Chadwick Boseman is unhappy with the direction that the Black Panther franchise is taking might come as a surprise to a lot of people, but when you hear just why that is you might understand a little better, or you might want to tell him to calm down and just step aside depending on your point of view,” writes Tom.

“In any case, Scott Campbell of We Got This Covered has shed a little light on why Boseman might be a little sore when it comes to what will be happening to Black Panther once the sequel comes out, which is closer to the comics than several of the story ideas we’ve seen have been at this point. It would appear that Shuri, T’Challa’s sister, will be taking over as Black Panther eventually, which means that at some point Boseman will be getting phased out of the role and possibly will be seen as a lesser or non-existent character in the MCU eventually.”

Tom then writes that many people will be basically stunned at the turn of events, but most will cheer on Shuri as a black woman in a leading role of the MCU. This comes after news that the Black Panther sequel will be one of the last times Boseman suits up as the masked man.

That sounds like a pretty dire situation for a hero that was so hyped up upon his entrance to the big screen, but it does sound as though this is the direction that the sequel is leaning towards and while a lot of people are likely to sit there with their jaws hanging down some are likely cheering to see a black woman take the lead of a major motion picture, especially when it’s for the MCU. In the meantime though, T’Challa will apparently still show up for the sequel and even for the next Avengers movie, but it does sound as though his days could be numbered.

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