The Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) has launched a new 5-week online summer initiative in Biotechnology.

The course bridges the disciplines of biotechnology and bio-entrepreneurship. The course also creates a pipeline to MSM’s one-year online Master of Science in Biotechnology.

The 5-week summer program is tuition free! After completion, participants may also qualify for a financial stipend and be eligible for a scholarship if they choose to pursue a Master of Science in Biotechnology at MSM. Full details and information are available online. Program details include:

The Office of Online Education and Expanded Program offers a 5-week summer program built to expose motivated college students and post-baccalaureate professionals to the biotechnology industry and bioentrepreneurship. The program structure is built on an integrated curriculum of perfecting communication skills, career readiness tools and transforming biological processes into products. Participants who successfully complete this 5-week summer program are guaranteed admission into the Master of Science in Biotechnology (MS Biotech) degree program, along with a $1,000 scholarship from the United Negro College Fund.

The Master of Science in Biotechnology degree provides a foundation in the scientific and business components needed to advance biotechnologies. The goal of the MS Biotech program is to develop comprehensive knowledge in bioscience, core technologies, analytical methods, regulatory affairs and business development used to support biotechnology enterprises. This 35-credit hour, 12-month online degree is devised to give working professionals the flexibility to pursue advanced training in biotechnology by offering comprehensive coursework and training needed for career advancement.

For more information and eligibility requirements, visit the Bridges to Biotechnology Pipeline Program website.