ANTEBELLUM is the highly-anticipated thriller from Lionsgate that will have you questioning everything. Starring Janelle Monáe, ANTEBELLUM is a chilling blend of our hopeful future and haunting past.

If you were moved by the mind-bending stories captured in recent blockbusters GET OUT and Us, then you’ll love ANTEBELLUM. Known for their work in social justice, writer and director duo Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz, otherwise known as Bush + Renz, made sure viewers would stay on the edge of their seat. In fact, among others, they teamed up with the producer of GET OUT, QC Entertainment, to add Antebellum to the latest string of satirical horror films targeting social inequalities. 

ANTEBELLUM draws several parallels to GET OUT in particular, with themes like racism, classism, and kidnapping at the forefront. With Americans currently fighting to confront systemic racism, politics, and violence in initiatives all over the country, this film resonates more than ever.

In ANTEBELLUM, Janelle Monáe’s character Veronica Henley seems to be a woman who has it all. She is a successful author, who somehow gracefully makes the time to keep up with both her girlfriends and picture-perfect family. Unexpectedly, she is snatched from it all. Somehow, she has been chosen.

In the events that happen next, Janelle becomes someone even the audience wouldn’t recognize. She finds herself not in the city, where she was just wingin and dining with her girlfriends, but among slaves on a plantation. The trailer captures visuals of cotton fields, confederate soldiers, and civil unrest. She must escape and she’s running out of time, trapped in a horrifying reality and must uncover the mind-bending mystery before it’s too late.

Buckle up for ANTEBELLUM, which premieres at home on demand on Friday September 18, 2020.