It’s time to elevate those in our community that are leading in the food and restaurant industries. Eat Noire has stepped up to the plate as a food lifestyle brand focused on shifting the conversation around Black food by highlighting and promoting black culinary experiences. Recently, they launched a global digital platform and merchandise, which has allowed them to extend their influence even further than before! See below for their full press release!

Launched by HBCU alumni and black creatives, Eat Noire’s mission is to cultivate community by highlighting Black chefs, mixologists, and restaurateurs leading in fine dining creativity and influence. Through high-quality content, curated features, exclusive merchandise, e-commerce integration, and lofty events, Eat Noire is changing the game in food blogging.

Tyler Bryant, owner of Black Peppa and co-founder of Eat Noire

The story behind the brand is one of the most captivating pieces of their story. The brand was inspired by friends with a passion for bridging the worlds of culinary, events, art, and technology.This young group of entrepreneurs have built a multi-functional digital platform that strives to properly represent & highlight the spectrum of beauty and range present in the chic Black culinary space while providing a beta e-commerce rolodex listing their favorite Black businesses, to help sell and market their products to the Eat Noire community. Additionally, they launched a community job board to connect job seekers with up-to-date job postings at Black businesses worldwide. Through these various functionalities, they are focused on rallying their constituents to support the array of projects in this industry, emphasizing the importance and power of the Black dollar.

Before the restrictions of COVID-19, Eat Noire focused on executing intimate scale events headlined by some of the biggest Black-owned food and beverage brands in the industry, like Uncle Nearest. Hosting anchor events like the “Rice & Gravy” dinner series and “The Friendsgiving” and has now pivoted to virtual events like their weekly “Wine & Dine Sundays” chat with chefs, mixologists, and bloggers on IG Live. This group is dedicated to educating their community while attracting and building a network of some of the world’s most colorful minds.

With the climate of our current world and the emphasis on amplifying the voices and projects of Black-owned ventures, this platform is exactly what the community needs.

If you are a chef, brand, or creative in the events, food, beverage, photography, or hospitality industry and would like to be featured or listed in their directory, visit their website for more information or tag them on Instagram to be featured on their page!