Flatforms vs. Platforms by ‘The Queenoftheglam’

The platform wave dates back before the 1970's. They still remain an all around hit! Now there's a "flatform" YES you read it right, a flatform.

Men’s Fashion :: The Suit

Whether you're a suit wearer, or more of a casual dresser, every man should have a suit in his closet. Most guys don't care for wearing suits...

“The House Movie” – What Would You Do To Pay Tuition?

It is 2017, and nowadays, more than 50% of American high school graduates continue their education and set out with hopes of attaining a college degree. It...

Parties, football game help Cleveland Classic celebrate historically black colleges: After Dark

It's more than a game. Yeah, yeah, sports fans say that all the time. But it's true in the case of the Cleveland Classic. At noon Saturday, the...

10 Black History Movies HBCU Students Should Watch

HBCU Lifestyle Watch these 10 Black History movies that HBCU students shouldn’t miss ! All these films depict a certain point in history when our people succeeded in...

HBCU Designer Spotlight :: Hand Bags

Every woman knows, or should know the power of the handbag. The handbag serves as more than accessory, it's a statement piece about the woman toting it....

VIDEO – Tennessee State Marching Band – Honda Battle of the Bands (2015)

Tennessee State Marching Band - Honda Battle of the Bands (2015) - Heavyweight Edition by HBCU Bands via Youtube

Texas Southern University Announces 2019 – 2020 Campus Royalty

HOUSTON – Texas Southern University is pleased to announce its Campus Royalty for the 2019-2020 academic school year. Adonis Warren, a...

Beyonce Brings HBCU Homecoming to Coachella

The Queen has once again snatched all wigs and turned waves into tide pools! Beyoncé, what did we do to deserve such an amazing performance ? For...

Morehouse Man Mikael Moore is Now Janelle Monae’s Manager

Mikael Moore, who once had worked on "The Hill" in the nation's capital, says he has known one of music's biggest stars, Janelle Monae, for some 10 years...

Super Bowl — Beyoncé Runs Twitterverse

When Beyoncé recorded ‘Run the World (Girls),’ she almost certainly spoke for herself.   Grammy Award winner Beyoncé Knowles electrified fans the world over during her performance at...

When Dating Meets Murder: Watch The Lovebirds on Netflix, May 22

Dating is supposed to be one of those exciting times in aspiring lovers’ lives where they explore potential soulmates and have experiences of a lifetime....

Stylish Buzz of the Week: Ashley of Morgan State University by The Profashional

How she put this together appears effortless From her sharp hair cut all the way down to her fabulous heels, she owned this look.

Rising HBCU Kings of Comedy, Freestyle Funny Comedy Show

2015 seems to be the year for Freestyle Funny Comedy Show. The improvisational and original stand-up group has recently been ranked amongst Comedy Hype’s Top 10 Rising...

Women’s Winter Fashion Trends!!

Women: - Androgyny: In an ever changing world, where women have become a more dominant force, of course such things will change in fashion as well. An extremely hot look...

HBCU Professor Is Teaching The First Ever English Course On Sneaker Culture In The...

Growing up as a kid having the latest sneakers out meant you probably was one of the cool kids, and you could only be part of the...

Hampton student shows creative side with social media

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=knq5CIM7DJ4 This is awesome. Check out how Hampton University student Kamron Redding uses social media to introduce himself to the world.

Howard Alum and Independent Filmmaker Debuts Award-winning ‘Black and Blue’

If you begin with the letter “z” and work your way to the letter “a”, you are still reciting the alphabet. Black and Blue the movie mirrors...