Change in our Black Community”

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream indeed. A dream that encompassed the Supreme Court Decision in 1954 which overturned the Plessy vs. Ferguson decision that stated “separate but equal.” His dream included the Civil Rights Act of 1957, which ensured voting rights for the black community. Which led the dream of the first African American president of the United States of America.

Even with Dr. King’s dreams and many others manifested into reality we still find ourselves asking how we can bring change to our Black Community. Have we ever considered our actual ambition to change our community the reasoning behind black suffering? There was a time when our community was filled with cries of black pride, black power, and black progress. What happened? Could it be the initial intent for change (push for integration in the Civil Rights movement for Freedom and Equality) in our black community is one that doomed us as a race eternally? Even Dr. King stated, “I fear that I am integrating my people into a burning house.” Kings greatest fear has become a reality. The black community of today resembles nothing of the past.

Between the evolution of men sagging their pants, women referring to one another as bitches, men portraying images of women as mere tools whose ambitions in life fail to exceed flaunting their unmentionables and having sex with the so called stars of our society. We are lost as a culture, we are lost as a race and we are lost as a people. In order to realize what we must change in our community we must clearly define the community in which we are members of. Dr. Na’im Akbar states that the first step of breaking the chains of psychological slavery is to develop knowledge of self. But a problem occurs when you achieve self-enlightenment and your newfound revelation is not a mirror reflection of the human being you wish to be.

We changed our identity in our attempts to assimilate into a culture that does not uplift the spirit and refuses to cultivate the soul. In order to change our community the next step must be to separate our people from this malfunctioned cultural systematic way of thinking. In reference to Dr. Kings quote, we must escape this “burning house.”

I am careful to state that the problems in our community have nothing to do with racism, discrimination upon gender, or classism. Rather a dream deferred, we were integrated into the American Way. The American Way includes guns, sex, and lies; we now are reflections of that damaged culture. We talk about changing BET and ridding of reality TV, but shows like “The Game” and “Hip-Hop Wives” were preceded by shows like the “Real World” and “Bad Girls Club.” Again this is not a matter of black and white, this is a display of the addictions of America.

Once we develop knowledge of self and escape this “burning house,” the last step will be to rebuild what we know as the black community. We must build a community that values itself on the nurturing of the spirit, the development of the mind, and the quality of the people in which it produces. This is the only way the black community can truly change!




  1. This article is a testament to the “stars” of our generation who remain fearless in speaking out against societies’ norms. I enjoyed this article and I hope that as a people we “escape the burning house” before there is nothing left. Hopefully one day we stop orbiting on our own destructive axis and remember our ancestry so we may create a brighter future for ourselves as a people.

  2. Good job on this article Nino! I completely agree, and more people’s attention need to be directed to this article.

  3. GREAT JOB…. earlier when i said educate.. This is what i MEANT.. and this was well said…”We changed our identity in our attempts to assimilate into a culture that does not uplift the spirit and refuses to cultivate the soul” <<< THIS IS THE TRUTHHHH!!!

  4. MOE!!!
    I absolutely love this article and you!
    I am amazed at the man that you have become and I have yet to meet another one like you. I hope this article reaches more of our black community!

  5. As a black people we have become a copy cat in this society. I believe the dream of Dr. King was we unify our authenticity of a unique people with the other cultures of America, yet we have lost our identity in a fast past society that has valued money, power, sex, materialism, popularity and the right to do and say whatever thy want to that is deirved out of th First Amendments. Be not deceived, this article is true. We are a people lost …. we have traded off the greatest heritage of who we are as a great people for a lesser and deteriating society whose hearts and minds are poluted by greed and lustful evils. Even today our youths minds are being captivated by technology that invites doors of opportunity to affect the creative minds of our youth yo distort and tranform their thinking to their programs. They are able to accomplish all this in our face and presence because we have become a people that is blind-sided. Having eyes to see yet we don’t see. Why? Because thet keep us intertained and we like what they pesent to us, be it by music, fashion, cars, ipods, iphones, dvd movies, travels, movies, text messages, etc. We invite ourselves into this areana of being just like everyone else. We choice to become one with them. Where are we as a black community standing out together but separate. Where is our voice that DECLARES who we are and what we REPRESENT… together but separat.

  6. I agree we are lost as one and its time for a change Once we develop knowledge of self and escape this “burning house,” the last step will be to rebuild what we know as the black community. I love this article and I might need to use it for my class tonight …
    Outstanding Job

    Your BF Squeak

  7. Moe…lol
    You already know how much I love this article…
    it’s exactly what I meant when I spoke on the mentality of white Americans who come from ancestors of people who believe that demoralizing a human and equating them to something as low as live stock is ok…a group of people who believe raping women and forcing “breeding” of human beings is an acceptable ideology to include into their culture. These are also the people whose ancestry comes from Greeks who believed courting young boys was the norm and women were solely for procreation…our ancestors’ cultures did not practice these things and it was never considered ok. Those sick ideologies are a psychological health issue of the European race, they created those ideologies and practiced them not our people and until we understand that this psychological problem is not ours but theirs we will always reflect “guns, sex, and lies” as you put it but that is their culture not ours. We come from a much greater ancestry and we need to start acting like it if we embraced our past and the richness of it we would see that what America has given us does not even compare to what we have always had…not only do we not see it but we also do not seek it; and that is the malfunction…the breakdown of our community. We have accepted the “stereotypes” and the ideas of what they say we are instead of knowing for ourselves where we come from and who really are we live their life, practice their beliefs, indulge in their traditions but all that has done is severed what small trace back to Africa we may have had. We have turned our backs on our roots; the traditions and customs of our people are rarely seen outside of the 1 week of kwanza all for a culture that lays weary as of today and also could never even stand next to the shadow of the culture of our people…we need to find this arrogance, this sense of pride about our people…no we may not all ever make it back to Africa and that tie to our mother land may be completely severed but we now have a race of our own as African Americans and we need to wear it with our noses in the air and the stench of arrogance wafting off our bodies otherwise they will continue to see the cracks in us and will continue to hold us back.

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