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Black History Month

12 Black TV Hosts That Changed The Game

In honor of Black History Month, we're highlighting influential Black TV hosts that have changed the face of American TV. Here are 12 Black TV Hosts That Changed the Game!

HBCUs & Their Involvement in the Civil Rights Movement

HBCUs played a deeply significant role in the the Civil Rights Movement and this Black History Month, we're highlighting a few of those revolutionary contributions.

10 Black Authors That Made History With Their Words

This Black History Month we are celebrating Black authors that have made their mark in the literary space. Here are 10 Black Authors That Made History With Their Words!

Rosa Parks: 5 Facts About the Civil Rights Icon

Rosa Parks’ Birthday is February 4th Rosa Parks was a national figure known for her bravery in refusing to give up her seat to a...

Meet NyAshia Muata, The Future Face of Black History

Cricket Campus Ambassador and Alabama State University senior, NyAshia Muata is sharing her story of how community and connection is helping her become a future Black History maker.

6 Black EGOT Winners and 4 Who Are On Their Way

Black History Month is here and awards season is officially on its way so we're highlighting Black celebrities that have reached Hollywood's highest honor: EGOT status.

HBCU Graduate To Have Connecticut Street Named After Her

Joyce Yerwood, who was just honored at her alma mater Meharry Medical College, is now being honored again in Connecticut. Learn more in the...

HBCUs Partner With California Community Colleges To Streamline Degrees

A new partnership between HBCUs and California community colleges is forging a pathway to make 4-year degrees much easier for students to obtain. Learn...

28 Excelling Black Entertainers Under 28

In honor of the end of Black History Month, and on this Golden Globe Awards Sunday, it's important to honor the next generation of...

The United States vs. Billie Holiday Explores Systematic Racism In The Not-So-Distant Past

On Tuesday February 23, 2021, we hosted our latest HBCU Movie Night, and it was a moving way to honor Black History Month. It’s...

Charles R. Drew Changed The Face Of Healthcare While Working At HBCUs

Charles R. Drew was a pioneer of blood science, but many not know how closely he worked with HBCUs. Charles R. Drew University of...

FAMU Celebrates Black History Month By Burying Time Capsule Scheduled For 2040 Opening

Two groups at Florida A&M University have come together to celebrate Black History Month in a very unique way. With the burial of a...

28 Classic Black Love Songs

Some love songs are just instant classics. They bring you back to that special moment in time when you were looking for love, in...

Four Documentaries That Dive Into The Backstories of Black History

Black History Month is a time to celebrate the joy of Blackness. It is so important to see the triumph of others, to help...

28 Songs That Celebrate Black Pride

Black people are no monolith, and we do not all look the same. Yet no matter where you go in the world, from America...

28 Black Inventions Used Today

In honor of Black History Month, we find it necessary to pay homage to those in Black history who have paved the way for...

28 Black History Landmarks

Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church, Montgomery, Alabama Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. helped to organize the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Greyhound Bus Station, Montgomery, Alabama The Freedom...

28 Court Cases That Shaped The Black Community

Civil Rights for African Americans can be traced back to slavery time when John Casor, a black man who claimed to have completed his...