Cricket Wireless is Celebrating Black History Now

Connection is indeed an essential part of the human experience, without it so many would be lost. After all, people need people and that’s why community is so important. It gives us a sense of belonging, as well as a chance to learn from each other and to support and comfort one another. 

Communities give people an opportunity to share their stories so that they may be passed down and continue to inspire generations to come. 

This Black History Month, Cricket Wireless is not only thinking of the stories of the past that have impacted our present but is also celebrating current stories that will impact our future. 

Black History Month is a time to acknowledge and spread awareness for the countless contributions Black people have made to society. In a time when America is trying to silence racial history, it’s more important than ever to celebrate Black History and support Black communities.  It is also imperative to help fight and spread awareness of the inequalities, racism, and biases black people continue to face so we may look forward to a future of social equity for all.

 Black History is American history, and Black people are continuing to make history every day. 

One Black History maker in the making is Cricket Campus Ambassador, NyAshia Muata. 

NyAshia is a senior marketing major at Alabama State University. She grew up surrounded by a family full of HBCU graduates, so she always knew that she would also attend a school that would ensure her success as a young Black woman.

Her dreams are what inspire her to keep moving forward. “Every day I achieve a new goal, realize a new passion of mine, and am granted opportunities for success. That alone inspires me to keep pushing towards my full potential and beyond.”  She is also inspired by her support system, who has been with her every step of the way during her college journey. NyAshia credits the encouragement from her village with shaping her to become the leader that she is today. Through the connections she’s made, she has been granted many opportunities including attaining scholarships and internships. 

The future is bright for NyAshia as she aspires to obtain her master’s degree after graduating and work in freelance digital and social media marketing during graduate school. She also wants to open her own “art house” one day which will be a space for established and up-and-coming artists to cultivate art, including dance, music, visual arts, and theater.

As for the legacy NyAshia wants to leave, she hopes it will be a “legacy of greatness.” 

“When people hear my name years after I’m gone I do not want them to think of me, but of all the great things I have done for my community and the world. I think that every black person has the responsibility to make an impact within our community. Whether it be big or small, we as people are the ones responsible for pushing our community forward.”