Two CAU freshmen and their sister are aspiring to become music’s next big thing.

There is a new girl group on the rise and their name is Cette 3. Comprised of three sisters from Houston, twins Taneeyah and Meniyah Biscette (19) and younger sister Krissy (16), they are ready to take the music world by storm.

The girls found their passion for dancing and singing at a young age. Growing up they took dancing lessons in ballet, hip-hop, jazz, and lyrical and sang in their church and school choir during middle school.

It wasn’t until the 2020 coronavirus pandemic that the three decided to form a group. “We were just staying in the house with nothing to do, so it was like why not make use of our time and just make a group?” Taneeyah said.

With musical influences such as Alicia Keys and Destiny’s Child, they describe their sound as “a vibe.”

While mixing elements of R&B and Hip-hop, they all write and produce their own music and engineer in-house at their own recording studio.

The group has done several live performances and landed a partnership with the independent record label company Swaggertown Records which was connected by their label TMK Influence Management.

Over the summer, they achieved one of their biggest music accomplishments yettaking the number one spot on the Triller Billboard for two weeks straight for their song, “Been That Chick.”  

Before the sisters formed Cette 3, Taneeyah and Meniyah branded themselves as TM Twins.

With 1.1M followers on Instagram and almost 600K on TikTok, the duo has gained a following for their viral dance videos. They said they feel as though their technical training is what sets them apart from other creators, as they both have professional experience dancing with the Debbie Allen Dance Academy.

Teneeyah and Meniyah are also first-year freshmen at Clark Atlanta University (CAU), both majoring in mass media arts with a concentration in radio, television, and film.

They were inspired to go to an HBCU by their parents who are both alumni of Prairie View A&M University and chose CAU because they hoped being in Atlanta would give them better opportunities to further their music careers. “We meet like a lot of artists out here so it’s a good thing that we’re in the right place to do that,” Taneeyah said of networking in Atlanta.

CAU has also helped them on their musical journey, as they have performed at their school’s homecoming concert and other events, and have been able to meet other CAU artists.

As for balancing schoolwork and their career, they said it’s all about time management and sticking to a schedule.

Although their younger sister, Krissy is still in high school, she is making strides toward her career as well. She is a student-athlete whose been playing basketball since she was seven. She also plays the drums and piano and plans to attend college on either a basketball or academic scholarship to obtain a degree in Marketing/Business.

The ladies said the best piece of advice they’ve received is to “focus on yourself, and not to compare yourself to others.” The future is certainly bright for Cette 3 as they continue to march to the beat of their own drums and forge their own sound.

Within the next five years, they hope to expand their brand, have their own TV show, continue performing and go on tour.

Fans can look out for their brand-new EP, set to be released on Feb. 14.