Deadline: March 18, 2011

Must be a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S.
The HBCU STEM Fellowship Program is offered to students who have graduated from a HBCU. Applicants accepted into the program will receive up to $77,000 for tuition, fees, and living expenses for a two-year STEM masters program. Applicants must gain admission into Masters’ level programs in STEM areas of study at colleges and universities in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware or Washington, DC. However, it does not include majors linked to direct patient care.

In addition to financial support we monitor the progress of the students, to nurture the next generation of scientists, researchers and engineers. The Fellowship Program is administered by the Educational Advancement Alliance (EAA) and sponsored by the National Nuclear Security Administration, a U.S. Department of Energy agency. Our website has changed. Please visit us now at for an application and additional information.

The application should be completed and received by March 19, 2011. The remaining required documentation can be sent in later. Applications can be sent by fax, email or mail.Once again, all the supporting documents are not needed to file the application.

EAA also has a National Minority STEM Fellowship Program which also provides funding up to $77,000.00 for a two-year program. Applicants must be residents of New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia or Maryland. Deadline for this program is April 15, 2011.You can find additional information on the National Program at Information on other EAA programs can be found at


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