Personal Trainer

About the Job

Position Description: 

Conducts service appointments with members which includes body fat analysis, nutritional counseling, proper use of fitness equipment, proper form of exercises, etc.
Consults with members to determine and define needs and problem areas.
Advises members on methods of solving fitness needs or problems and recommends specific solutions.
Able to develop individualized exercise programs consistent with the members’ personal fitness and exercise goals.
Continually monitors and assists members to ensure proper form is used when performing exercises.
Continually monitors facility, including locker rooms for cleanliness and tidiness.
Responsiblse for achieving monthly revenue goal established by the Fitness Manager.
Works closely with sales team on involving new members in personal training.
This position may travel between locations, depending on client need and other factors.


Current certification from a nationally recognized organization or be willing to obtain certifications within 90 days of hire.
Excellent communication and customer service skills.
Experience in designing and implementing fitness regimens.
Current CPR certification.
Current AED certification.
College degree in fitness related field with practical work included is preferred. Less than college degree with certifications and practical experience is required. 



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