Florida Gov. Rick Scott cuts all funding to states HBCUs

In his first proposed budget Rick Scott the newly elected governor has cut all funding to Florida’s two HBCUs. Bethune-Cookman University, a private school in Daytona Beach stands to lose more than $2 million in state revenue. The state has, for years, helped fund Florida’s private, historically black colleges. But Scott has completely wiped out funding for Bethune-Cookman and Florida Memorial University in Miami Gardens.

Because Scott’s proposal is just the first step in a months-long budgeting process, Bethune spokeswoman Meredith Rodriguez said college officials will be “patiently waiting” to see how the process unfolds.

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  1. Speculation has raised reasonings to believe this is an Racism. Hopefully we havn’t reached that motion. However, the presence of the thought of ‘Racism hurts the souls of plenty.

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  7. Why is it always racism? This is a private University. Why is the State of Florida helping to fund this at all? Do we fund other private universities ?

    • UM got $60M in cancer research funding from the state…that is $16M a year. Why does that state fund that when all of these organizations like Susan B. Komen raise millions for research in SoFla every year … just saying

      • Who is the Susan B. Komen? Susan G. Komen, now that is a foundation i am familiar with. Private schools are just exactly that, private, so they shouldn’t receive any money from the state to begin with.

      • Your reply makes no sense and lacks any wisdom… First off the Susan Korman Foundation raises millions for cancer research but supposedly only gives 20% to actual research.

        Most research is financed by private investors and investor groups in the US. This is why there is no cure when there are cures for cancer… The cures are owned by private investment groups…

        States give to private Universities because it generates revenue and increases population which adds to the tax base as well as tax revenue. Every student has to pay tuition, books, meals dorm fees or apts, they get jobs, buy cars and clothes. The taxes are an annual windfall for the state…

      • Did I support the komen foundation at all? No I didn’t, I am aware they barely give anything for research hence why I do not donate to them. You can justify giving state money to private colleges for whatever reason but I just don’t think it’s right. Its my personal opinion. State money can be used for more productive things than being given to private colleges.

  8. UM just received a $60 million funding award for its cancer research from the state. That is $16 million a year … just saying they are also private

  9. Why and how are these politicians still getting away with this stuff.Their plan is to remove any all funding for poor, disabled, and minorities to remove any chance of them being able to improve their lives. I guess it will take a revolution to make things right for the people that are being stomped and walked on. Used and forgotten..

  10. Does anyone in Florida recognized what this governor is doing? Now this is the time to protest! Do not vote for this racist in office, impeach him out! Can he get away with this? This is so obvious of racism . Got nothing against the support of cancer research, but there just might be a minority that can contribute to the cure for cancer, but he or she won’t have that chance if funding is pulled from the HBCU colleges in Florida. Ijs

    • “Impeachment” does not equal removal from office. Think of it as a trial to decide if he gets removed. There is a common misconception that the definition of “impeachment” is “removal from office.” But that’s not correct.

  11. I’m from New York, but I find is strange that any “private” organization receives funding from the government. I thought funding would be reserved for the public schools.

    • That’s because you never attended anything higher than high school. Federal funding (grants) can be awarded to those to supplement their education It doesn’t matter if they are public or private schools

      • 1) That was an unnecessary and false opening statement…I have attended multiple colleges that I have paid for without any government funding. 2) I wasn’t referring to individual funding (grants). My comment was regarding the actual organizations as recipients. It is never a educated decision to be both insulting and incorrect, sir.

  12. These schools will have to go public to keep getting funding i guess. where is that money going to go now? Into the pockets of those major football programs like florida, FSU, Miami huh?

  13. This headline is so incredibly misleading.

    Governor Scott did not cut support to all state HBCUs — Florida Memorial University and Bethune Cookman University are NOT state schools; they are private. The Governor’s budget continues to support the ONLY HBCU in the State of Florida, Florida A&M University.

    I’m not suggesting it is a good thing the Governor’s budget does not include funding for private HBCUs. What I am clarifying is that the headline is fatally incorrect and an example of bad journalism.

    Johnny C. Taylor, Jr.
    President & CEO
    Thurgood Marshall College Fund

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