Prairie View A and M student takes charge over Texas

By Jerome D. Bailey Jr.

Over 5,000 were in attendance for an intense protest On Wednesday April 6th, in Texas on Capitol Hill in Austin and received positive results. The Texas House recently passed an erratic budget in America by cutting 25 billion dollars from education, healthcare, removing funding for HIV patient programs and way more. If this happens, 350,000 will lose their jobs. Moreover, pressure is mounting on the Texas Senate to cut much less. Right after the capitol was flooded by citizens urging NO to 25 billion in cuts, leaders in the Texas Senate announced they was greatly reduce cuts. Osadeba Omakaro, sophomore at Agriculture major at Prairie View A and M University and representative of the Texas League of Young Voters, said cuts to education would be devastating for students and that young voters will make their voices heard in the next election.

“You can’t make these cuts and kill our dreams,” Omakaro told the cheering crowd. “You can’t make these cuts and expect us to be quiet.”


-By Jerome D. Bailey Jr.
HBCUBuzz Staff


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