By Priscilla Brock // May 14, 2011) — Just below the scattered clouds, and misty atmosphere, the heavens rejoiced as the sons and daughters of Howard University were being recognized and congratulated as the graduating Class of 2011. In addition, proud parents and family members from 43 states and 29 different countries joined the rows of cheering graduates, in celebration of Howard University’s 143rd Commencement.

The ceremony took place outside on the yard despite the threat of morning showers. The estimated 2000 graduates robed in royal blue stayed the course and continued the graduation ceremony as planned in optimism.

“Whether we are talking about Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, Barry Rand, Sidney Ribeau, Thrugood Marshall we are witnesses to lives that have committed to excellence” said Morial.

“Whatever profession you choose be the best.”

Furthermore, Morial encouraged the graduation class of 2011 to “be the leaders who rebuild the nation’s economy, who will fix the nation’s schools, who build the global enterprises that will produce a more just and equitable America and a more just and equitable community.”

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