(Savannah) A massive construction project designed to improve the quality of life and academic success for students is a welcome change at Savannah State University. There’s also change at the top. “We’re just excited to be here. The work is coming in and it’s adding up and it just keeps me busy and I love it.” New Interim President Dr. Cheryl Dozier held her first media briefing Friday. Attracting more students to SSU is one of her orders from the Board of Regents.

“We need to retain all of our students ensure that they have all of the tools necessary for them to be successful here, and we want them to graduate. “

Another key focus campus safety. “Students are definitely concerned, but they are going to be the ones to help us improve safety because they need them to report incidents and we will do our best with our public safety to follow up and prosecute those persons for those incidents that they have committed.” When I asked Dr. Dozier about incidents involving athletes that overshadowed the good at SSU she told me she will not tolerate students violating the rules.

“It is real clear when it comes to student athletes. They probably have more policies that they have to abide by under the NCAA and we will enforce those at all times.”

A sticking point for many students here is rising tuition. Dr. Dozier says she and her staff will work hard to find the support.

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