As the fall semester is beginning for all of us the transition from summer must haves to fall essentials is easing up on us. Though some enjoy this transition, there are also many dreading the switch. But hey, it can be easier than you think, especially on your pockets.

As college students, many of us do not operate on disposable incomes. Therefore, we have to look for the best bargain when we’re shopping. However, don’t confuse bargaining with settling. As an employee in a second-hand shop I know firsthand that fashionable doesn’t mean expensive.
I can visualize some people’s faces looking a little puzzled at the mention of second-hand clothing, but once you get into “addicted” will be an understatement. To be honest, I haven’t had to visit a mall since I realized how much I could save!
The average person can go to the mall and find SOME great fall articles to add to their closet and spend $300+, which isn’t so bad, but just imagine the amount of goods you can get at the second-hand store with the same amount of money ! The thrift store doesn’t limit your selection but increases your sense of creativity. You can find a great pair of boots, a stylish jacket or two, authentic jewelry , and still have over $100 left in your wallet. If you ask me , visiting a second-hand store is more than worth the visit. You don’t have to worry about coming across any items that are too old for your taste, because the second hand stores geared towards college students only accept current styles, nothing older than two years to be exact.
Oh and did I mention that their discounted prices are not the only way that second hand shops help your wallet? Take your gently used clothing to these shops and some of them will pay you on the spot for your clothing while others will pay you after your clothes have been sold. Now if that isn’t a reason to take a peek I don’t know what else is!


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