The SC State University Class of 1955 has committed to supporting current SC State University education majors. This commitment was made during the life of the BRIDGE Project. The BRIDGE Project was a three-year program funded by the South Carolina Legislature to recruit minority high school students who live along the I-95 corridor into the teaching profession by offering them, while still in high school, access to counseling, mentoring, on-campus summer enrichment programs, and opportunities for dual enrollment at SC State University. The purpose of the program was to prepare these students to: pass PRAXIS I, the required exam to be admitted to the SC State Teacher Education Program, major in education and become future teachers in South Carolina.

The Class of 1955 presented a $2,000 per year scholarship to a BRIDGE Project graduate for 2009 and 2010. Although the BRIDGE Project ended June 2010, the Class of 1955 has continued to give the scholarship to an education major who meets the set criteria.
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