About a week ago I introduced the HBCU Fashion community to haute Bow Tie Designer, Marc Smith of John Doe Bow Ties (www.johndoebowties.com), and I gave you the scoop on an old time classic accessory, that’s turned hip and trendy over the last few seasons. Well this week I want to give you options!! For those who love the conventional bow tie, but might have a regular neck tie that has a dope pattern that you want to use in “bow tie” form, I have a video for you.

As the fashion forward, trendy youth of tomorrow, we like to mix and match patterns and prints. As a connoisseur of bow ties and neck ties I know that some prints/patterns that we see on neck ties, often times aren’t made in bow tie form. So as an early Christmas Gift to all you D.I.Y. fashion heads, here’s a video of how to turn your Neck Tie, into a Bow Tie!! ENJOY!!

Turn Your Neck Tie, into a Bow Tie!