The Grandpa Sweater, it was dubbed with this name because it’s big and comfy design. Personally they remind me of those really old grandfathers who get dressed up to sit home and watch TV, or even Bill Cosby. I’ve seen many girls and guys wear this new fall trend. They are great for a fall day when you just want to relax and work on a term paper.

The best thing about this “grandpa sweater” is that you probably won’t even have to pay for it, and if you do it won’t be a lot. The best ones are probably sitting in your grandfather’s closet or in a thrift shop waiting for you to pick it up.
Pairing your grandpa sweater with the perfect outfit is super easy especially when you’re just going to class. My favorite is the sweater with denim skinnys and a tall pair of classic Uggs. That combination is always a warm and cozy choice. Of course it’s not the only way to pair your sweater but feel free to experiment with a bunch of styles and trends, it’s pretty hard to go wrong.