After a very mild winter, spring is on its way! This is the time to get ready for the vibrant style’s of the spring so that as soon as the weather breaks, if we can even really say that it did, you’ll b ready. I always love taking to the most popular fashion mag’s to see what their raving over for the new season, to be quiet honest not all of the styles are practical especially for college, but when I find styles that can be worn and loved I’m all over it!

Color Blocking

The spring runways were all glowing with bright colors and bold styles. This color blocking technique is one that can be worn perfectly in the spring, but beware, choose three colors max! You really want to avoid looking like an over done rainbow.

Bold Prints

There are prints, then there are PRINTS while there’s plenty to choose from; oversize floral’s, mirror-like geometric shapes, even parrot prints. The most practical way to wear these bold prints is paired with basic colors, prints on top of prints for class may be too busy.

Pink, Short Suits

Ok, I can admit that this trend may not be first in line to be considered practical, but I love it. This trend is wearable in a work setting, as well as on a casual day. Wear the blazer and shorts separately and you’ve opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Now that’s a style you cant help but to love.


Bright colors for the spring are always a must, but this new “tangerine tango” trend can take your spring bright’s to the next level. Whether you choose to have one item on this color to serve as your focal point or you choose to sprinkle orange throughout your outfit it is sure to be a standout color this spring.