The Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. chapter was recently suspended from the campus of Johnson C. Smith University. The suspension came about after the chapter had been accused of underground pledging, which has been abolished by the fraternity. Many opinions on the matter were expressed and feelings were thrown out in the open, but how did members of the fraternity react?

A brother of Alpha Phi Alpha at Johnson C. Smith has stated that JCSU President Carter exposed too much of the fraternity's business to the public.

Graduating senior Kamil Gailiard, a member of Alpha Phi Alpha, sat down and expressed his feelings regarding what has been the latest breaking story on campus. Kamil has been a member of Alpha Phi Alpha for three years now and is very dedicated in committing his time to the community.

Kamil explained his concerns regarding the suspension stating “I feel like Dr. Carter [president of Johnson C. Smith University] exposed too much private information to the campus, let alone the community.”

The fraternity known for its outstanding leadership and community work is now left with unanswered questions of what is going to happen now and why. Kamil explained how the judicial board was both unethical and unlawful. “The judicial board was very unethical, they did not grant us due process and the judgment changed based on Dr. Carter’s emotions,” Kamil stated passionately as you can begin to hear the sincerity in his voice.

So where does this leave the fraternity? “And with the amount of evidence found, [we should not have been suspended for] all acts,” said Kamil. This fraternity is still in good standing regarding its past history with JCSU, as several past SGA presidents were members of the organization.

“Right now we are building back our community’s faith [in us], for those who lost it in Alpha Phi Alpha and [we’re] working towards getting its strength and passion to help with the work of the Democratic National Convention.” As stated by Kamil, only the future knows what is next for this outstanding fraternity.


  1. Kamil was and is not active due to grades being low. Therefore he should not even have a voice he should be studying.

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