While sitting in an intro to fashion design class, we quickly breezed through the history of fashion and it’s many trends. In doing so, one thing really stood out to me was how many of the things that are commonly regarded as staples in women’s wear was worn by men first. From things like capelets, to make-up, ruffles , and even skirts and heels. But who wears it better?

While breezing through fashion history books, you will find men from the beginning of time o have been adorning themselves in gaudy and sometimes over the top pieces in order to gain the attention of the opposite sex. But, it doesn’t mean that they did it the best. In recent centuries, women have adopted the “peacock syndrome” of men in the past in order to stand out from the rest.

Ruffles , skirts , heels, and make-up is something that is now commonly associated with women’s fashion now while men’s fashion can sometimes become boring and repetitive . However, the tides are beginning to turn now that women are commonly sporting blazers, beautifully tailored suits , and even oxfords and penny loafers.