As college women from all over the world, we as Grambling State tigers came together with an assortment of unique styles. From tailored blazers and tights, to UGG boots and scarves, we all have a passion for fashion. Its awesome how fashion is influenced by people from all over, all giving their own technique in the fashion world at GSU.

Fashion has been used to express one’s innermost feelings day by day. Some days, we as women feel like being in sweats. The next day, a high waist pencil skirt and silk shirt. That is only a mere example of how our feelings play in to how we dress at times.

What effects do materials actually have on our outlook on life? Or how do we feel others view us? It’s cool to want to be fly, but don’t allow your vanity to cause you to steer away from your main focus here in college.

Fashion changes along with the people, but don’t allow it to control you by being late for class because you spent a little extra time in the mirror.

You should want to feel fabulous about yourself, although if you don’t feel that way without substance you may want to reevaluate your life.

Be yourself, express yourself but try to remember we are only going to class everyday and there are other opportunities to get fancy. It’s not cute being a showstopper if you can’t even walk in the five inch heels you wore to class.

If clothes are a costume, who are you dressing up to be? Are you aspiring to be a First Lady like Michelle Obama or an ex stripper like Amber Rose? Both who share a great amount of television time but only one gains respect.

Fashion is an art and should be treated as such. Artists don’t copy, they are only inspired. Inspiration is gained from the environment. We are all artists, in what we wear, speak, and our gifts. Remember imitation is suicide

The word swag has become the biggest epidemic in the last year but who determines swag? Is it even important if no one credits you to have it? My guess is no. The people with swag printed on tee shirts, cars, or in their social media bios are only reassuring themselves.

No one needed to tell Kanye West he was fly for him to dress like he does. Trends aren’t necessary because as I stated before, trends change just like the weather. Don’t waste your money trying to be like the Basketball Wives because money can’t buy style!