Ten year old Damoni is slacking off in school and T.I., or “Pop” as the boys affectionately call him is not having it! Damoni who wants to become an artist just like his father has put the book work to the side and started focusing more on music.

T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle

As T.I. appears in a video shoot with famed rapper Young Jeezy, Damoni expresses interest in shooting his own video for his single, “Green Faces.”

However, The King isn’t going to grant Damoni’s wish without a few stipulations. T.I. lets his son know that the only way this video shoot can happen is if he pulls himself together in the classroom.

Weeks later when Damoni brings home an honor roll report card and it seems T.I’s plan has worked. Now, he must hold up his end of the bargain. With T.I.’s implemented budget of $2,000, Damoni can only afford his brothers, The OMG girls and director Uncle Snake. Although Damoni feels like this makes him look cheap, it isn’t the production that is the problem.

Damoni isn’t taking the shoot as seriously as T.I expected and has to give him a little advice on professionalism. Despite the bumps in the road, the video and its finished product had a good outcome. This may just be the beginning of Damoni’s rap career.